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Our communities play a central role in what we do and at NatWest we are committed to supporting them and our customers through a range of programmes.

At NatWest we want to help build better communities for everyone. To achieve that aim, we’ve set up our Skills and Opportunities Fund and are seeking projects that will enable people in disadvantaged communities develop, create or access the skills and opportunities they need to build their financial capability skills or to start or develop a new business now or in the future.

The Skills Opportunities Fund has already shared £7.5m in five rounds of funding since it launched in May 2015, providing grants of up to £35k to not-for-profit organisations across the UK and Ireland that help people achieve qualifications, find work or start a business.

The Fund is expected to reach more than 75,000 people by the end of 2017, helping to build better lives and stronger communities.

During our latest round of funding, NatWest provided £195,242 of grant funding to eight community groups across the Midlands and East of England.

Janat Hulston, chair of the Midlands and East of England Regional Board, said: “Since launching the Skills and Opportunities Fund in 2015, we have supported dozens of community groups and charities across the Midlands and East of England region as they deliver programmes which enable their communities to thrive and prosper. There is some wonderful work going on throughout the region.”

MoneySense is one of the UK’s leading impartial and free financial education resources. It is designed to help young people aged five to 18 find a better financial future. It has been running for more than 22 years and has helped 4.5 million young people learn about money.

With a range of information, activities and games, it makes learning about money real, relevant and fun.

The programme uses key money moments in a young person’s life – starting to save their pocket money, opening a bank account, or getting their first mobile phone – to make learning about money feel relatable. Everyone can use MoneySense – students, parents and teachers.

It provides a way to talk about money, has tools that can give young people confidence in using money responsibly, and speaks to an important part of the school curriculum.

NatWest is aiming to help another 1 million young people in England and Wales through MoneySense by the end of 2018.

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